Thursday, May 10, 2012

Birthday Weekend

As I said before, I had an AMAZING birthday.  We celebrated the whole weekend and I just felt so blessed.

On Friday, I left work early and my Aunt Laura picked me up and took me to Rocheport, MO for the afternoon.  I am so bummed I didn't take any pictures (I know, right!?!) , I think it was because I was just in awe of this adorable little town.  This place was seriously out of a book.  It was so beautiful and quaint.Check out their website and see what I mean HERE   I cannot wait to go back!  We ate at this amazing little cafe on main street and then did a little shopping in some adorable little shops.  It was so relaxing and peaceful.  Just what this tired Mama needed.

After that we came back to Columbia and I did a little shopping before picking Julianna up from school.  We finished getting the house ready for our guests and met them off the interstate that night and directed them to our house.  We had a great time with them while they were here.  We toured around Columbia on Saturday and even showed Callie the MU campus.  She loved it, but I don't know if I have convinced her to come here for college yet!

My delicious cake Drew had his Baker friend make for me.  DELICIOUS!

The gorgeous piece of art Drew gave me for our Dining Room.  I just love it!  

 Jules and Keaton insisted on sleeping together.  This is how I found them right before I moved Jules to the other couch.  Adorable.  

On Sunday, they left early to get home to Shawn who wanted to enjoy his one day off with his family.  I can't blame him for that!  We wanted to also enjoy our first day off with Drew in almost a month!  We ran a few errands, checked out the carousel, took a little drive and ended up at Rock Bridge State Park.  My Aunt had told me about it at lunch on Friday and I wanted to check it out.  They have a natural bridge there made of rock AND a cool Bat Cave called the Devil's Ice Box.  When we got there, they told us the Cave was closed and the hike was pretty long and Drew's footwear wouldn't cut it.  So we explored the bridge a little and the creek that runs through the park and just let Jules have fun and play around.

Funny story.  One of our errands earlier in the day consisted of checking out the New Orscheln Farm and Home Store.  We have some birds trying to build a nest next to our front door and no matter how many times we have tried to get them to build it somewhere else, they keep coming back.  So we picked up a large Owl to hang by our door to scare them off.  I feel bad doing it, but they could literally build ANYWHERE else on our house, just not by the door we come in and out of each day.  Anyway that took way longer than I wanted to explain - while we were at the store, Jules found some rain boots/galoshes/gardening boots - whatever you want to call them that she just HAD to have.  So me being the nice Mom I am, used some of my b-day money to get her a pair - might have bought myself a pair too.  I had visions of us gardening and wading through puddles on a rainy day in our matching rain boots.

Well when we got to the park, as soon as she gets out of the car, she starts limping.  The shoes she had on had already caused a blister.  There was NO way we were going to make it through the park and to the bridge walking like that.  I looked at Drew and said "Oh, I wish we had another pair of shoes for her"  Then we remembered the boots.  She put those bad boys on and never looked back.  She splashed in them, ran in them, swung in them and chased us around the park in them.  She.loves.them.  She has now deemed them her "hiking boots" and has worn them everyday since.  She wanted to wear them to school yesterday and I had to tell her no, even though Drew was like "what's the big deal".  She puts them on as soon as she gets home though.  And when I see the pics below, they make me smile and I think she looks totally adorable in them!

Fun at the Carousel!

So, all in all a GREAT birthday weekend!  And we have even more fun coming our way this weekend.  Aunt Co is coming and we have lots of fun things planned!  So again, life is pretty great right now.  We are so blessed!

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