Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SO excited for November, Because.....

......I am going to be an AUNT!!!!!!  Lauren and Cody are pregnant and due November 11th!  I can't wait to meet my little niece or nephew and shower her/him with kisses!  Lauren called us last month and asked to talk to Jules.  She told Jules first and she screamed it to me and Drew!  It was so sweet and I am so glad that Lauren and I will be able to share this incredible journey called motherhood together!  

Here is peanut's first picture taken today.  I don't know, but it looks pretty *girlie* to me!  :)  Secretly hoping for a precious niece, but would be more than happy to love up on a little nephew!

We are all excited because we are hoping to go to Lauren and Cody's for Thanksgiving this year and see the baby and help take care of Lauren.  I have never wished for a summer to go by quickly, but this year I am just so excited for the fall, that I want it to get here fast!  :)

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