Thursday, March 1, 2012

Winter 2012 Pics

I was going through my camera last week and found a whole bunch of pics that I have never uploaded and added to the blog.  :)  Most of these were taken when we were back in Iowa for my Grandpa's funeral.  I love that we were all together as a family.  It was such a great week celebrating Grandpa Tonsi's life and I am so thankful for all of our family and the love that we share!!

Jules got glasses in January!!  She was having a little trouble seeing the board in school and these have helped tremendously during the school day and while she reads at home!  She just looks SO grown up!!! :)

My Dad and Step-Dad checking out the score of some game.  I love both of these men so much and I am so thankful for the love and support I have received from both of them over the years and how they have always respected and got along with each other. :)  

Oh!  One of Julianna's favorite people was back!  She LOVES her Uncle Cody.  This was about 10 minutes after she first saw him.  Like no time had passed at all.  Adorable.
 Keeping him company later in the day, while all of us ladies went through pictures and planned the songs for Grandpa's funeral.  
 No visit would be complete without some time with G&G Howard.....and a little piano playing!  :)

 Snuggled in with Grandpa Bush.  He brought her home after during the visitation, so she wouldn't have to stay as long as everyone else.  Wish I would have snapped a picture of them when we walked in the door......curled up on Grandpa's lap, fast asleep and my dad had a big grin on his face, like he was in heaven snuggled in so close with his only grand baby.  :)
 Drew and my Great-Uncle Robert talking at the visitation.  Uncle Robert is my Grandma Tonsi's brother.  95 and sharp as a tack.  He and Drew spent an hour talking and learning about each other.  It was such a sweet moment.  
 Lauren and Cody had to leave as soon as the funeral was over, but not before someone snuck in a quick hug from one of her favorite aunts!  :)
 That night Jules and I got our Monterrey fix and had dinner with Ro and Reagan.  It was so nice.  Ro and I got to talk and catch up because Reagan was being completely taken care of.  :)   

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