Thursday, March 1, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

We kept it pretty low key this year for V-day.  Drew had fully booked dinner times at both of the restaurants, so Julianna and I were able to spend the evening together.  It was great!  

She always wants to "make" her valentine's, so I found a tutorial online for making these little lollipop butterflies.  Imagine my surprise when I went to the store to get all of the materials to cut them out, that they already made a foam version of it WITH all of the supplies!  And it was on sale.  SCORE!!  
 I think she decorated them well and they turned out really cute.  
 Since we are (always) on a budget, we kept it simple with the gifts this year.  We handmade cards and I was able to get this great canvas print from our trip to California for FREE from a website.  Just had to pay shipping.  And I used an Amazon gift card I had to get the CD Jules wanted to give Drew.  
 He was pretty tickled with the cards we made for him. :)

 Since we knew he was going to be busy for the entire day, we surprised him with a mirror full of reasons that we love him.  When he woke up and went to brush his teeth, he said he teared up seeing all of the reasons.  Jules worked really hard on hers and wrote them all herself. 
 This one is my fave.
 Jules woke up to her own surprises.  For Christmas there was one thing on her Christmas list that she did not receive.  It was over $80.00 and there was NO way we were paying that.  A few weeks before V-day, the daily special on Plum District  was the Penguin that was on her list for 70% off!!!  She was so surprised and happy!  

 She also was excited about her Pittsburgh Steelers Cheerleading out fit for her Build a Bears!
 Grandma Li Li and Papa Tom sent a few gifts too!

Some money for her piggy bank.....
 ....and Lady and the Tramp.  I LOVE this movie!  So it was more of a gift to both of us!  :)
 Like I said, Drew had a CRAZY day, so we were pleasantly surprised to see that he had managed to sneak away to have handmade cards and flowers waiting for us when we got home!

His card to Jules is so sweet.  She always tells us "I love you________________________" (insert any number(s) that you can think of at that moment)

"I love you A million, Twenty, Five Thousand, Hundred."  Adorable.  

 Jules and I celebrated our ladies night with a heart shaped Pizza, Valentine Candy and some movie watching.  It was a great day!  
 The next night I surprised Drew with a Valentine's Day dinner.  I made him one of his favorite meals - my Grandma Howard's Cheesy Potatoes and Mystery Meatballs.  I am sure I have posted about this meal before.  I had never made it before and made Drew stay out of the kitchen while I prepared it and even served him, so he would not know until the last second what the meal was.  He was SO happy and so surprised.  It was DELICIOUS if I do say so myself.  One that I will make again, but only on special occasions.  VERY easy to eat too much!!!
( I was trying to be conservative in my portion control, but YES I did go back for seconds!! It's just SO good! )  :)  
Hope you all had a great day with your Valentine(s).  

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