Thursday, March 22, 2012

So far....

....this morning, I have:

 - Picked up the living room
 - Wiped down the kitchen
 - Emptied the dishwasher
 - Made lunches
 - Done a load of laundry
 - Prepared tonight's dinner in the Crock-Pot
 - Packed some more for our trip to Iowa tomorrow
 - Wiped down the master bathroom
 - Collected all of the trash from the bathrooms
 - Given Julianna a bath
 - Taken a shower
 - Frantically remembered Julianna has to bring snacks to school today
 - Made a mad dash to Hy-Vee to pick up said snacks
 - Parked in the far lot of the school so we could get in a little extra exercise
 - Watched in horror as Julianna tripped and fell in the parking lot and scraped up her knees, shins and hands
 - Taken a bloodied and screaming child to the school nurse, who helped both of us tearful girls and gave Julianna some super cool bandages for her wounds
 - Kissed a few times more than normal my bandaged baby bear
 - Talked to my Mom about my eventful morning
 - Come in to work de-stress from my crazy personal life until I have to pick up Jules and it starts all over again!!  :)  

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