Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mama Bear is missing her Baby Bear!

When we moved and left Des Moines behind, we also left behind most of our support system  - aka - those that would take care of Julianna on days she didn't have school.  Thankfully we were able to find someone wonderful here to watch her on days that the Columbia Schools are closed (there seem to be a lot), but we knew we couldn't ask her to watch Jules for all of Spring Break.  So......we packed her up and sent her to Des Moines for a few days of lovin' from G&G Howard, G&G Bush and Aunt Co Co.

I will just say - the separation has been FAR harder on me than it has been on her!!!  She has been having the time of her life in good ol' DSM.  Sunday she went to church and saw some of her old friends, on Monday G&G took her to the Zoo and then Aunt Co took her for the night.  They went to a flute lesson that Courtney gives, out to dinner, out for ice cream and then over to see Co's best friend Anne's new baby.  Not even a week old!  Jules was in heaven!  Yesterday she spent the day baking cookies and cupcakes with Grandma Howard and then had dinner and spent time with G&G Bush.

Not that I haven't been having a pretty great couple of days of my own.  It has been nice to not have to pick up the house 40 times in one night and Drew and I have had two date nights and plenty of alone time.  Something we have been needing.  We get so busy with Jules and bills and work and life, that we forget to take time for each other, so it has been a great time to re-connect.  ;)  I have also been able to take a bath without an audience and get caught up on all of my shows without interruption, so even though I miss her like crazy, I have enjoyed myself more than I thought I would!

I am meeting G&G Howard half way tonight to pick her up and I cannot wait to wrap my arms around my little girl and shower her with lots of kisses!!!   Really hoping Drew is able to get off early today so he can make the drive with me.  I took the day off tomorrow so I can spend the whole day with her.  I think we will be doing some crafting for Easter, lunch at Panera and then make Drew one of his favorite meals.  Mainly just looking forward to a whole day together and having her back in my arms!

A big thanks to everyone that helped with her this week!  Now if I can just figure out what to do once school is out for the summer..............

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