Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sue and Dad Came to Visit!

Sue and Dad had a nice drive down to Missouri on Saturday.  They had not had a chance to visit since we moved and it was nice to be able to show them around our new little town! 

We drove them around and showed them Julianna's school, the University where I work and the restaurant where Drew spends his time. :)  We enjoyed a nice lunch at a local brewery (thanks Dad!) and then explored the town some more.  After driving for a couple of hours, we went took them to the Candy Shoppe and then walked around downtown and did a little shopping.  It was a great day that went by WAY too fast!  Hopefully they will visit more often now that they know it is seriously the easiest 4 hour drive they will ever make!  :) 

Jules had a welcome sign for them when they arrived!
 After we were done driving, eating and shopping, Jules had to show Grandpa her shooting game (remember her dad's gift) and Grandpa, of course marveled at what a great shot she was and tried his hand at shooting the cans and bottles.  They were cracking up and having a great time. 
 After some hugs and a few tears, it was time for them to leave. :(  Sue is the new treasurer at their church and they had to be back for Sunday morning. 

 Such a fun spur of the moment day. Can't wait for lots more just like them from anyone who wants to come our way!!!!!!

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