Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Santa Came!

Christmas Morning.  Such a delight.  We are treasuring it as much as we can as our little inquisitive one may not be a believer for too much longer. This year she was in awe with her gifts and couldn't believe that Santa brought her what was on her list - an easel, a pottery wheel and a gift card to a paint your own pottery place!  I mean when you have a five year old that would rather create than get new toys, what else can Santa do, but give her just what she wanted!  :) 

 Something special for the whole family - A NINJA blender!  We are making green smoothies every morning to boost our immune systems and stamina for the day.  This again was Julianna's idea. 
A blender.    For Christmas.

 This is what she saw Christmas morning.  Don't judge.  I am a bargain hunter after all.  But we did want to make this Christmas extra special since it would be her first without the rest of the family and her sister (which is still too hard to talk about) so we may have amped it up a bit for Jules.  But I will say, she is the most gracious child and was so thankful for everything she was given.  And we have all had a blast playing with it all!  :)
 And this was her face, when she saw the treasure trove that awaited her.  Yes, Julianna there IS a Santa Claus!!!! And he sure does love you.  A LOT!!!!!

After that we played with some of her new things and I looked over and found her fast asleep.  So we all headed back to bed for a nap and didn't wake up until NOON!!!!!  Merry Christmas Drew & Adrian!  :)

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