Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One of my favorite Christmas gifts

I like to think that I am pretty 'hip' and keep up with certain trends.  I mean I did have a blog before EVERYONE started having a blog!  :) 

With that being said -  I started couponing WAY before any of these crazy tv shows came out and are now causing people to roll their eyes at me as I come through the check out line. That will never stop me though - I can coupon with the best of them.  I very rarely buy anything without a coupon attached to it.  And if you get me a gift card to somewhere, you better believe I will wait to use it until their is an instore coupon to stack with it ($10.00 off $25.00 purchase at Penney's with $100.00 in gift cards - HELLO!) 

Anyway, so my cutie pie husband has been known to call me "Sexy" when I pull out the Sunday Paper and start clipping away.  Saving money - doesn't get any sexier in his opinion. 

So imagine my delight when on Christmas morning - I opened some of my gifts to see - New Scissors, a calculator and baseball card protectors!  HELLO!!!! 

My couponing has never been more organized!  It takes a little work, but it is so worth it.  Our weekly budget for groceries is $100.00.  This past weekend I spent $43.00 and saved over $20.00 with coupons!!  I didn't clear any shelves and I don't have a borderline "hoarders" stockpile in our house, but I do stock up on a good deal when I see one and I only buy what our little family will use.  I am curious to see how much we will save this year.  I have never tracked it, but I think I will just for fun. 

Anyway, you know me and my pics - I had to take a picture of "Limey" my green coupon binder.  I named it Limey because obviously it is lime green (my favorite color), but what else is green - MONEY.  And what is this binder all about - SAVING MONEY! 

So thanks babe for hooking me and Limey up.  Be prepared for all of our sexiness to come out in full glory on our next shopping trip!  ;) 

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