Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Eve Party at the Stinson House!!!

:)  Not really.  Drew was REALLY sick and Jules was still getting over her cold, so we made roast and baked potatoes and settled in for the night. 

The plan was to watch movies, but we were drawn into the countdown on t.v. They had the 40 best performances over the past 40 years and they brought back some nostalgia for Drew and I, and we watched the whole thing until midnight! Jules loved doing the countdown with us and we celebrated with a little sparkling grape juice and then went to bed. I know we are getting so wild in our old age! :) You know it's bad when your five-year-old can out last you on New Year's Eve! It was a nice night together as a family and we all really enjoyed sleeping in the next day! :)

Jules enjoyed dancing to all of the music we grew up with! 

 Silly (hyper) girl! 
 The highlight of her night of course, was having her picture taken with Justin Bieber!!!!! :) :)
 Hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year!!!!

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mrsmarkdave said...

Uh - it's bad when someone else's 5 year old can outlast you on New Year's Eve. EVERYONE'S 5 year olds probably out lasted me.
Ok - I just found something that I have have have to send you a picture of. Please email me your email address. You'll die.