Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

We had a great Christmas Eve this year! Because we weren't running around crazy, we were able to enjoy the day as a family. Jules and I baked all afternoon while Drew started to get things ready for Christmas dinner. Then we lazed around all night watching Christmas movies and eating our baked creations. It was just wonderful!

Jules getting the marshmallows ready for our "Christmas Wreaths"
 What's Christmas without sugar cookies!!!!  I believe they are Santa's favorite!

 Um, let me just say, this "Christmas Wreath" idea was easier said than done.  It was SO messy.  And let's just also say this - I will never eat one of these if someone else made them.  Your hands are literally all over them.  My own creations are fine because I know where my hands have been.  So let's just keep this project for eating at home - ok folks!?  :)

 We had so much fun making everything and snacking on it ALL weekend.  Um, hello extra 5 pounds.  :)
 Every Christmas Eve Julianna gets a new book, stuffed animal and movie.  This year my mom provided the book and stuffed animal, and something a little extra......
 ....a nice and soft blanket.  I have tried to steal it a few times, but she always finds it.  :)  It is awesome!  We all snuggled under it on Christmas Day. 
 I love it when Jules gets a new book.  She will look over it for hours.  Too cute! 
 Right before bed we made sure to put out the food for the Reindeer - they must have loved it because it was all gone when we woke up!  ;)

 Working really hard on her letter to Santa.  I love that we have a picture of her doing this every year!  :)
 All ready for Santa!

 O.k., so I had to post this picture.  My mom saw this sign and ordered it for Julianna.  It has been hanging by our front door since Thanksgiving.  On Christmas Eve, Jules asked me to take it down.  She didn't want Santa to see it and then decide that she didn't need him (or his presents) anymore because she has her Grandma.  :)  Precious. 
 After she went to bed - Santa's "helpers" came out and got the house ready for his arrival!  :)

Julianna's stocking
 My stocking
 Drew's Stocking
I love our stocking tradition.  It started for me as a child with Sue and Dad having stockings filled to the brim with lots of goodies and little gifts that meant something to each of us.  Ex. a jar of green olives and new pens.  I love those things and don't necessarily buy them for myself all the time.  So we have carried on the tradition in our home.  Sometimes I think the stockings are the best part!  Lots of thought and effort go into them each year!  :) 

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