Monday, December 12, 2011

Drew's....35th Birthday! :)

So my handsome husband turned 35 on November 30th.  He is now just about up that hill towards 40 - as I like to remind him everyday!  :)  SO nice marrying someone older than you.  You can always give them grief! 

We had a great family night together.  Jules and I made dinner for him and his favorite cake and he was able to come home and take it easy and just enjoy the night! 

Once again we missed our families, but it was nice to have it be just the three of us too.  I think Drew had a great birthday and was so thankful for all of the calls, texts and emails he received! 

Jules and I realized the night before that we didn't have any regular birthday wrap. So we improvised with the reverse siede of Christmas wrap. :)  Jules and I decorated them and he LOVED it!  :)

 Jules was a BIG help in preparing the dinner of Chicken Parmesan, pasta, crescent rolls and salad with our homemade dressing!

 Drew LOVED his 'better than anything (wink wink) cake'!!!!!  We had fun making it! 
 SOOOOOOOOO good!  This is why I can only make it once a year.  The calories!!!! 
But oh so worth it!

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