Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas with G&G Stinson!

After Grandpa Tonsi's we headed over to Bob and Diane's house.  They had a delicious lunch waiting for us and it was nice to sit for a bit and catch up.  Bob made the most delicious ham!  I couldn't get enough of it.  Thankfully Diane packed some up for us to take for the ride home.  :)

Santa gave Grandma and Grandpa Stinson some hints on gifts this year and that made for one VERY happy little girl. The looks on her face when she opened her gift was, well you can see for yourself........


 Grandpa Stinson has his own priceless moment when he opened his Cubs duffle bag!  The perfect gift for all of the traveling he does!  :)
After we said our goodbye's to G&G Stinson, we stopped by Sue and Dad's for a few hugs.  Sue was sleeping and Jules didn't want to wake her (we now know to wake her no matter what - she was disappointed to miss out of goodbye hugs and kisses from Jules! :) )  But she did get plenty of snuggles in with Papa Bush before we left!  Drew was busy trying to re-load the car to fit all of the gifts.  It was  TIGHT squeeze on the way home, but we managed. 

After that, a quick stop by G&G Howard's house for some more hugs....
 ....and we got to see Uncle Lee and Aunt Barb one more time.  They were in town from Colorado.  So good to see them and we hope to make a trip out to see their beautiful home in the mountains soon!
 Before we left, I had to take pictures of our stockings.  My grandpa handmakes these and there is one for every family member and we all have a different picture on them.  I look forward to seeing these each year!  :)

Well it was a great weekend and we survived it....though I have been pretty sick the past 2 days, so I am looking forward to Christmas Even and Christmas day with just Julianna and Drew.  I have never had a Christmas at home for the entire day.  So I can't wait for a day of rest and relaxation and no stress! 


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