Monday, December 12, 2011

Cherry Hill Christmas!

There is this beautiful neighborhood just around the corner from us, that really does it up for Christmas.  Last week they had a fun family event there.  We had SO much fun.  There were crafts to do, foods to eat, horse and carriage rides, face painting and you could see Santa too!

It was a great family night and we really enjoyed going out to see more of what this town has to offer. 

The best part of the night though - was when Rudolph followed us home!!!  :)  (see pics below) 

Cherry Hill has a "Magic Tree".  it is the most beautiful lit tree.  You can see it from our neighborhood and we just fell in love with it!  I was SO excited to be able to take Julianna's picture by it and that they actually came out so you could see how cool the tree looks.  There is a gentleman in town who works on it for days to make it look so great.  We just LOVED it! 

 We waited in line for over an hour so she could get her face painted....... was SO worth it!!!! :) 

 She could chose the horse and carriage ride, or facepainting - the line for both were crazy long.  But she was excited when we were through with facepainting that the horse and carriage were right there for her to take a picture.  I love this one! 

 Now, have you ever seen a cuter Rudolph? 

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