Friday, October 28, 2011

New Town ~ New Life!!!

This move has been therapeutic for all of us.  It has been a hard year emotionally for our family. As most of you can tell someone has been missing from our lives for most of the year.  It has been a heartache and crushing battle that we have had to deal with.  One that we have all cried over, been hurt by and struggled with.  And while I can't want to go into all of the details on this blog, thankfully our family has come out of it all stronger and better than ever. 

When this opportunity came along for Drew we knew that this is what God had planned for us. A fresh start and a fresh outlook on things. Everyday we look at each other and say - "I am so glad we made this decision" "Life is going to be really great here!" Heartache aside, we know that God planted us here for a reason and we are going to make the most of it and enjoy everything that we can!

Here is a pic of our new house.  Can I just say that - I LOVE IT!!!  It is so nice and spacious - even without a basement!  Jules loves her new room - especially the desk we set up for her.  She has homework every weekend (I know - homework in kindergarten!?!?  Who knew!) and loves to put on the latest GLEE CD and sit and do her homework!  :)  We love the kitchen and spacious Master Bedroom and at night I especially love the jetted tub. :)  Overall we love everything about it...except maybe the HUGE spiders we see from time to time!  Let me tell you when I was unpacking everything I about died when one made an appearance! 

 The scenery here will take your breath away!  Just beautiful!  I feel like I finally have my falls back!  In Iowa it seemed like we would go from Summer to Winter and Spring and Fall got kind of lost in there.  It  has just been beautiful here from the first day down here.  I am loving every minute of it! 

A couple of weeks ago Jules was eating a Turkey sandwich and started crying and came to me with a bloody mouth.  Missing from her mouth was another tooth!  She must have not realized it came out, because she accidentally swallowed it!!!  Poor thing!  She was SO scared and SO worried the Tooth Fairy wouldn't come.  So, after I calmed her down, she wrote the Tooth Fairy a little note........
 "Dear Tooth Fairy, I swallowed my tooth." :(  Love, Julianna
The Tooth Fairy LOVED her note and still left her a little cash and even kissed her tummy where she knew the tooth was hiding.  When Julianna woke up the next morning, she told me she could feel the Tooth Fairy kiss her tummy and couldn't believe she still left her $$$ even though there was no tooth.  :)  I love this kid!
 Jules and I had fun decorating our new front entry way.  I like that I now have a place to do a fun display for each holiday. So be prepared for more pictures!  :)

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