Friday, October 28, 2011

Fun with Friends and Family Before Moving!

Before we moved Julianna and I got in some much needed time with friends! We knew it was going to be hard leaving people we love SO much, so I am glad we were able to see everyone before we left!

Jules and Genevieve.  They were able to come over the week before we moved to help with some of the packing!  We will miss them dearly. 

 Veronica and our God-Daughter Olivia.  We love this little girl SO much!  Is she not the most adorable thing?  I could kiss that little forehead all day!
Jules and Keaton.  Two peas in a pod.  Besties forever, just like me and her Mama!
This was the day of the Iowa/Iowa State game.  I found these shirts for $1.40 each on Clearance and couldn't resist buying them for the girls!  Too cute! 

 We were able to get in a quick dinner at Monterrey with Rochelle, Annette and Staci (not pictured) before we left.  I LOVE these girls and I am looking forward to all of our road trips and shopping adventures in the near future! 
 Mmm hmmm....what's a girls get together without a little treat from Let Them Eat Cake.  Oh how I will miss this place!
 My last day of work at Stowe was Friday September 23rd.  That night the Principal had a going away party for me at her house.  It was a great night filled with lots of fun and laughter...and a few tears!  I will miss everyone SO much. :(
 Jules and Maddie.  Friends Forever!
 My mom came to visit the last week we were in Des Moines and we were able to see quite a bit of my Grandpa Tonsi.  Jules loves him so much and asks me at least once a day about him and we pray for him every night and hope that he will be healed of his cancer.  I love this pic of them!
 The last weekend we were in town, Julianna had her first sleepover with Miss Keaton!  She did really well and can't wait for the next one!  

 The next morning was hard because we knew it was good-bye. Mariah and I have been friends for the past 14 years!  I can't even believe it!  We have been through good times and bad, different relationships, births of our children, but we have always been there for each other.  I love her dearly and we are all hoping one day, they too will find themselves south of Iowa living the good life with us!  :)
 On Julianna's last day of school, there were a few tears from both of us and a few others too.  It was a hard day, but we knew that the next day we would be on to bigger and better things!  We still miss everyone, but we have adjusted so well here, especially Julianna that I am confident we made the right decision! 

Jules and her beloved teacher Mrs. Bainbridge!  Can't wait to come back and see the new baby this winter!!

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