Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things that Make Me Smile Today....

~ I am so organized at work and ready for the school year that I am almost bored.  Almost.

~ This beautiful weather!

~ $2.50 sunglasses from Target

~ Sobe Pure Golden Pineapple Water

~ Using coupons to get FREE school supplies

~ My Mom

~ Today is my Friday

~ And finally, tomorrow we leave for a weekend getaway to Kansas City and Columbia, MO!!!!!  Tomorrow we are spending the day as a family in KC taking in some of the sights and enjoying some great food.  On Saturday we will pick my step-dad up at the KC airport and head to my Aunt Laura's house in Columbia for the weekend!  Some of his family have never met Drew and none of them have met Julianna yet!  Looking forward to catching up and having some fun.  Can't wait to leave in the morning!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

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