Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kids in a Candy Store!

On Saturday we celebrated Julianna's 5th birthday with family and friends.  I had her birthday party early this year because she has a surgery coming up (I will explain that in another post) so we had everyone over this past weekend.  This crazy mama did 2 parties in one day.  I did a party for her best friends from 10:30 - 12:30 and one for our family at 1:00.  Crazy?  Yes.  Smart?  Oh yes!  I was done with both parties in one day and only had to clean up once.  It worked out well. :) 

The Birthday Girl!
 Her invitation.  I had so much fun making everything for her party.  Now people are lining up asking me to design things for their child's parties.  Maybe something to consider in the future. :)
 We added a little more pizazz AND candy to what we did for her party for her friends from school a couple of weeks ago.  Please pardon that the last "P" and "E" are missing from "Julianna's Sweet Shoppe" my printer ran out of ink the night before :(  AND I forgot to get a purple balloon.  No one noticed, but it bothered me That's just how I am. 

 We have quite a few licorice lovers in our family, so I knew I had to add a few choices.  The black licorice went surprisingly fast.  Thank goodness.  Can't stand the stuff!

 Pink Lemonade Bar
 Jules loves root beer, so we made a special purchase just for her. She called it her "Sweet Brew"  :)

 Girls in a Candy Store!
 Lots of fun gifts.  Jules is all about Squinkies right now.  I must admit, they are simply adorable.  Where was this fun stuff when I was a kid?!

 Jules and her BFF Anna.  We were ecstatic when Anna's mom called to see if Anna could spend the day with us, since her mom had to be at a conference all day.  Jules had a friend all day to keep her occupied and Drew and I didn't have to play "pretend" with her once that day!  :)  After the friend party they had a quick lunch and sipped on some sweet brew.  Too cute! 
 This picture is precious and hilarious to me. They just kept each other entertained all day and had so much fun!  I love it!
 For the family party, Rochelle, Reagan and Annette came.  Since they are more like family anyway!  :) The girls had a blast with Reagan.  Reagan loved up on the girls too. :)
What do you get a girl who loves rainbows and draws them on anything and everything?  Why, a Rainbow Cake of course!  Gotta love a Costco cake!  Seriously it is the best cake ever!
 This could very seriously be Julianna's favorite gift from that day.  The girl loves her some band-aids and Grandma Howard didn't disappoint.  She also received cash, but she was more impressed with the box of band-aids that was ALL HERS.  And sure enough about 20 of those things were used by that night!  The girl will put a band-aid on ANYTHING!
Thank you everyone who came to help us celebrate our little babe's 5 years of life! 

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