Friday, June 17, 2011

Julianna's 5th Birthday!

Well after 3 birthday parties, we finally got around to her actual birthday!   :)

We had a great day celebrating Julianna yesterday!  Despite Drew's pain (saving for another post), he was a trooper all day and helped Julianna have a great birthday!

We started the day with her gifts from us... 
 ...and one from Grandma Lili!

 I must admit after seeing "Never Say Never" we all have a little Bieber Fever.... of us has a HUGE fever!  :)
 Her response to this gift?  "Finally!  I have wanted this for YEARS!" 

 We headed to the zoo for a couple of hours.  Again Drew was a trooper.  We took a few breaks and just casually made our way around the zoo.  Lots of construction going on, so there wasn't much to see, but Jules loved it. 

 Don't let the picture fool you.  She was terrified of this T-Rex... 
 ...but loved this huge blue guy.  Hilarious!

 We have a picture of her feeding the Giraffe's on her 3rd birthday too.  It was a really neat thing to do. :) She talked all night about it!

 When we got home she opened the rest of her gifts from Grandma Lili and Grandpa Tom.  Spoiled much?  :)

 Yes, that is a travel cup she is holding.  She is OBSESSED with these things.  Always wants to put her tea or pop from the convenience store in them. And pretend she is drinking coffee. Right now I am refusing because fountain drinks are CHEAP right now (those of you from Iowa know what I am talking about) so Grandma to the rescue!  Now she has one she can just bring with her to fill up.  She hasn't put it down since she got it!
 All dressed up for dinner.  We took her to our favorite place  - Latin King.  She absolutely loved it.  Kept going on and on about how delicious everything was.  She is definitely a foodie like her dad!
 Can you see the pain in his face?  Poor guy. And me, well I have had better days.  LONG day in the sun at the zoo and I didn't feel like getting ready, but dinner was SO worth it!
 We ended the night with a trip to Julianna's new favorite place  - Gateway Market for some birthday dessert (carrot cake for her and Drew and Lemon Velvet cake for me), some iced tea, a cute movie and some snuggle time!  We all had a great day together.  Just what we needed before we embark upon our surgical adventures next week!
HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY JULIANNA!  We love you so much and we are so blessed to have you as our daughter!!!

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