Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day 2011!

We had a lovely Mother's Day this year!  Drew smoked a bunch of pork and chicken and even made his signature BBQ sauce. Mmm - amazing!  We had everyone over to enjoy a delicious lunch. As usual, we had a great time and I am so blessed to have such a wonderful and loving family!

Fresh Lilacs picked from Sue and Dad's Lilac tree.  The scent always brings me back to my childhood.  I just loved watching that tree bloom every year and opening the windows and breathing in the fresh smell of lilacs.  I just wish they would last longer!! :)


 Sue and Grandma opening their gifts.
 Jules picked out a nice garden stone for Grandma.  It had a bird on it (her favorite things right now), so she just had to get it for Grandma.  :)

I tried my hardest to get a picture of Jules and I that day, but she was pretty shy about having her picture taken that day for some reason - as you can tell in the picture above.  She did however make me the most beautiful cards and gave me a new Bible and a cookbook that she made with her class.  Oh and a new hanging plant! And lots of hugs and kisses telling me how much she loved me and how I am the best mommy ever!  Totally in love with this girl! 

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