Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Iowa.  A bit windy, but gorgeous nonetheless.  We had a nice morning at home just relaxing and watching movies. 

In the afternoon we headed to Union Park for our annual tradition of having Jules ride the Carousel.  After she rode once with me and once with Drew, she decided she was big enough to just ride by herself.  :(  She had a blast once again being a big girl. 

After that we visited a few graves and then headed home.  I worked on cleaning our room (am I the only one, or does this room alway seem to be the most neglected?!) while Drew worked on an AMAZING dinner.  Seriously one of the best he has ever made me. 

We finished off the night with some classic 80's movies on cable and laughed at the cheesiness of them all!  It was a great day spent with my two loves. 

Can't wait for school to end this week so my schedule will be a little more flexible and our summer of fun can begin!!!

Doesn't it look delcious!   Oh my gosh!  Can't wait to have it again!

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