Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fun on a Wednesday Night!

Last night we hung out with our friends the Chapmans and the Peils!  What a fun night!  We grilled out, made smores and watched our kids (and husbands) have a great time!  I need more nights like this.  Looking forwawrd to the summer and more fun times with friends! 

The kids loved the new HUGE marshmallows.  They were extremely messy though!  

This is how I like mine.  Slightly burned to a crisp!  :)

Like I said...MESSY.  

But oh so fun!

Proof that Scott is pretty cool. :)

Drew and Shawn - Best buds.  

       This picture makes me tear up. I have know Keaton since birth and now she will be a third grader.  And well. you all know how I feel about Julsie growing up.  It happens too fast!

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SHAWN said...

How cute is this pic?? Look at our girls!! Talk about tearing is so neat to think about how long we have been friends and how our lives have changed over the many years. We love you guys!