Monday, April 11, 2011

Not a lot going on

Not much to report. I haven't even taken one picture in the past 2 weeks! Shocking, I know. :)

We have been lying low the past couple of weekends and taking it easy. By the end of the week at work, I am so beat and just want time with family. Drew's ankle still isn't healing right and he received a Cortisone shot last week that seems to be making it worse. Hoping surgery won't be our only option, but it is looking like that might be the only thing that will fix the problem. So he takes advantage of being able to stay off of it on the weekends.

So, Jules has another school concert coming up and she has already informed us that she will not be going. She wants no part of standing up in front of people and singing. Said she would be too embarassed and doesn't want us to even invite anyone, because she won't be there. I told her that she would need to explain that to her teacher and let her know why she won't be there. So far she hasn't done that, so we will see. May just take her so she can watch all of her friends perform. Poor kid, she is just so afraid of attention. She will barely perform for Drew and I! I will see if I can get her to sing her songs to me at home and I will tape them to put up on here (Grandma Li li and Aunt la la! ) :)

We are getting excited for our next trip to Arizona! We plan to be down there in June and will enjoy a nice family vacation - with no agenda and no plan. Just see where each day will take us. We LOVED our trip last month, but we literally had something planned for every second we were there. So it will be nice to take some time to just enjoy Arizona (at it's hottest) and relax and take away the stress of life. Hoping to stay at the Wigwam again. Can't think of a better place for a little rest and relaxation!

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