Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Picture Catch-Up

We have been busy the past couple of weekends. And not just from packing! :)

We got to hang out with Aunt Co and Todd last weekend. We enjoyed good food and lots of laughs with them. Jules was in her element being with Aunt Courtney. The two of them are SO cute together!

Two beautiful, blue-eyed peas in a pod!

In other news....Jules has a new best friend and HIS name is......


Lauren and Cody came into town for their Des Moines Reception and a new relationship was born.
Of course there was still plenty of Aunt La La love. Jules was SO thrilled they were here! They even picked her up from school one day and Jules got to show them off! :)

We were finally able to celebrate Christmas with Lauren and Cody.

And....just like my dad, Cody loves him a good movie basket!

(pardon the Dallas Cowboys bag sitting on our table) Out of love for our new brother-in-law we did allow it into our Steelers domain, but ever so breifly! :)
Love it when family can get together!
(Aunt Co seems to be taking over Grandpa Bush's usual stance at a family affair)
And that would be because my dad was busy playing with Julianna's iXl for most of the evening. Watching Jules tell my dad how to play the games was priceless! :)
Jules also was invited to a birthday party on Saturday. Two of them. At the same time. On opposite sides of town. But we managed to get her to both parties and she loved
every minute of it!

First party - a dress up princess party for her BFF from school Delainey!

Her second party - a Spider-Man/Star Wars inspired party for her (boy)friend Aiden...
...where she was still a princess. Oh well, she still had a blast playing with the kids and celebrating with her friends!

This week has consisted of packing, packing and more packing! I have school conferences tonight and tomorrow night, so I wanted to have everything done by last night. And it is! First time EVER I haven't been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get things ready to go! It will be nice to come home tomorrow night and relax. We leave on Friday morning and I CANNOT wait to get out of town and on the road! It is going to be the best vacation ever! One week spent with my loves! We are all so excited! I will post pics as I can. Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Spring Break!

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mrsmarkdave said...

I cracked up over the picture of your dad napping and love your caption that Courtney has taken over.