Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Disneyland Day 1!

We headed to California around 10 a.m. on Monday morning. We gave ourselves about 8 hours to get there, but it only took around 6 with a few stops along the way.

Wow! I forgot how beautiful California is. I just loved it. Not the prices, but the land was beautiful! And once again the weather was perfect!

Once we checked into our hotel, we changed and headed out for our first night. We went to Disneyland and decided to save California Adventure for the next day. From the moment we walked in, we were caught up in the "magic." You just feel good when you are there. I did have a little issue with all of the people - mama doesn't do too well in crowds, but once I got past it, I was fine.
Here is the outfit Jules chose to wear her fist night at Disneyland. And........

......who should we happen to see the second we walked in....Minnie Mouse! She LOVED Jules' outfit and blew her lots of kisses!

First ride was Autopia. Jules drove while I steered. Easier said that done, but we had a blast. Such a good way to start our Disney adventure!

We stayed until the park closed that night and quickly realized that the later you stay - the better chance you have to get onto the rides. When we first got there, this Buzz Lightyear ride had a wait time of over an hour. At 11:00 at night, the wait time was...none! She loved it so much, she rode it twice. :)

Next we hit Pixie Hollow. Tinkerbell was sleeping for the night, but Jules was just happy to see her house. :)

We headed to the Castle next and checked out some of the rides there. Dumbo was her favorite - of course. I heard that every child HAS to ride this ride, but to be prepared to wait for a couple of hours. Well again - not at 11 at night. 2nd people in line!!! :) And she did love it!
We left the park around midnight - excited for what the next 2 days had in store for us!

When we arrived back at the hotel, all of the Disney characters had a special gift just for Jules. :)

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