Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Disney Day 3!

Day 3 started a little later than we wanted, but it was actually a little chilly out that morning, so it was probably best we started later. It was funny though to see all of the natives in their stocking caps, mittens and winter coats, while we were enjoying the "warmer" weather!

We took the train around Disneyland when we first arrived. It was a nice way to see the whole park and map out our plan for the day.

We hit New Orleans Square first. Mom, Tom and Drew went into the Haunted Mansion first. I stayed safely behind with Jules. Not my cup of tea. :)

The scenery sure was beautiful though!

We went to see where Pooh lives and enjoyed all of it!

Can't you tell!?
Pooh love.

Tigger Love.

He really loved Jules. But who doesn't...

One of my favorite pics!
We rode these at night, but I had to get a pic of them during the day!

Storybook Land

It's a small world. Again rode it at night, but it was so neat to see during the day!

And I will say, the ride is a MUST if you ever go. Everything is so cute and I love all the nostalgia knowing it was there when the park opened!

Inside It's a Small World - very bright and cheerful!

We decided to head over to Princess Faintasy Faire to see if we could catch another glimpse of the princesses. Well, while everyone else was waiting in a 2 hour line to see them we sat down and enjoyed a little storytelling with the princesses!
Teaching their fellow "princesses" how to act like ladies!

Snow White telling about her struggles with the Evil Queen!

Someone loved hearing all about it!

After that we turned Jules back into a princess! Jules had worked really hard before the trip to earn some spending money and this was the one thing she wanted to spend her money on. She looked adorable!

We hit Toon Town after that. Talk about some cool buildings! This was one of my favorite places! It was crowded as heck, but we had so much fun there!

We had the most fun with this door. When you opened it, the door knob would buzz and lightning would flash behind it. :)

Silliness - all around!

We hung out in Mickey's house for over an hour trying to see him, but decided our time was better spent seeing more of the park. Jules was fine with it and as soon as we left Mickey's house...who should we see.....

GOOFY!!!!! We were 3rd in line to see him. Couldn't have worked out any better!

Now Jules had been a little leery of all of the characters and their large size, so imagine our surprise when I look back over at her to see this....!

She had her arms outstreched and sunk into a big hug with Goofy. Definitely another one of my favorite pictures of the trip!

We headed to the Mad Hatters after that for Julianna's souvenir hat! Have to have the hat! :)

We did a few more things after that and then headed back to the hotel to rest. Wanted to hit it hard that night - our last night. :(

We spotted Cinderella doing a photo shoot on our way out of the park. :) She sure gets around!

Precious. Ready to head back out!
We finally saw the fireworks and they were amazing. Brought tears to my eyes to watch Julianna watch them. Very cool.

After the Fireworks we hit the rides full force! We rode until the very last second. Literally, we were the last ones in line for the Alice in Wonderland ride and they closed the gate behind us!

Flying on Dumbo again!

Hitting the teacups 2 more times! The most hilarious and fun ride of the night!

Our last ride at Disneyland!
One last family pic! The joy we had there was unbelievable. Can't wait to go back!!!!

And here we are 20 minutes later. Perfect end to a perfect day and trip!!!

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