Monday, January 3, 2011

We're going to DISNEYLAND!!!!

When we got home there was a special surprise waiting under the tree for the girls...and for Drew!

Check out the video at:

Each girl got a suitcase/duffel bag filled with Disney related items. Everything in Mary's bag was Minnie Mouse related and everything in Julianna's bag was Cinderella related! And they were things they could take on the trip. New Crocs (yes I realize they are the ugliest shoes out there, but after a lot of research they were determined to be the most comfortable shoes for kids while at Disneyland and World), new cameras, swimsuits and watches! Attached to each bag was a letter from their character saying that we are GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!!! We leave in March and are going over Spring break.

Drew recieved a new Tom Tom GPS to help navigate his way to Disneyland - we will be driving to Phoenix first to pick up Mom and Tom and then head to California!!

SOOOO Excited!!


Each girl also got a new blanket with their name on it. Something fun to take on the trip!
Drew's Letter
Mary's Letter
Julianna's Letter

Were going to Disneyland!!!

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