Monday, January 3, 2011

We started Christmas a little early....

Have a ever mentioned that I am blessed with a pretty wonderful boss? Well it's true. And she blessed our family so much this year for Christmas! Did I also mention that I had 10 glorious days off from work for Christmas Break! I will post more about everything we did later, but in the mean time, we got out of work/school on Wednesday the 22nd and Dawn gave me all our family's gifts.

Well try picking up a 4-year old with a front seat full of gifts. So I relented and we set it all up so when Mary and Drew got home we could open everything Dawn gave us. Boy were we spoiled!

Excited to be able to open something 2 days early! :)

They were quite silly about it really.
Jules got sock puppets. Unbeknownst to my boss, she had been wanting this very set for months!

And you can't have puppets without a puppet theatre! Seriously. One of the neatest gifts ever!
Mary got some fun stuff and some scrapbooking items. Which again unbeknownst to my boss came in handy when Mary worked on the scrapbook she gave Jules for Christmas!

Drew got a really great label and logo software kit to use for our BBQ sauce and catering business and some of my boss's AMAZING homemade turtles. Seriously. They are to die for. I have been craving them all break. Because let's face it, they were lucky to last a couple days around me. Homemade caramel had definitely become a weakness.

My gift from her was most fitting. Before I opened it, I read the card. It said "remember to stay balanced and focus on what is important"
I am loving Jim Shore pieces lately. And this piece is perfect! I have so many balls in the air all of the time and sometimes I need to take a step back and realize what is most important. My family and time with them. :)

After that Jules so badly wanted us to open the gifts she made for us at school. So of course we did. They were the most precious ornaments. She made one for each of us. They were the perfect addition to our tree!
Here is my favorite one. It was made with her fingers. I just love it!

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