Monday, January 3, 2011

Santa Came!

Christmas morning was pretty much perfect! Jules got just what she wanted as you can see from the video below. Even though she was pretty shy about it. She is the only girl I know who HATES attention. So she was pretty annoyed that i had the video camera running on Christmas morning. Oh well. :)

Jules' Stocking

Her incredibly cute personalized organizing tote. I just love it!Drew's StockingMy stocking. We color coded them this year. Made it MUCH easier to figure out who's was who's!! Gifts from Santa!Here it is! The Walk-n-Go puppy we have heard about for the past 3 months!!!
A new Barbie Car
(barbie included)

I know this seems strange, but Jules was begging for a big soft fuzzy blanket like Mary's. Santa found the perfect one and she LOVED it!

Santa's special message/thank you for Jules.

Santa Came!!

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