Monday, January 3, 2011

More Christmas and More Family!

After our Christmas morning with Mary, we quickly cleaned the house and got ready to entertain! Sue, Dad, Morgan, Amy and Grandma and Grandpa Howard came over for lunch and to exchange gifts with Mary. Again lots of gift cards and girlie stuff. I think her favorite was her gift card to Panera! Who knew?!

Showing everyone the video of the girls finding out they were going to Disneyland!!

Necklace and gift card from Aunt Lauren and Uncle CodyDad, Sue and Mo Jules snapping away again...
Is that an actual smile Uncle Mo? No silly face? He must have been tired that day. :)
After lunch we had a visit from some of our family from Michigan! Uncle Curt, Aunt Pam and cousins Kaitie, Rachel and Steve came over for the afternoon! It was a great time catching up and listening to all of the details of Rachel and Steve's wedding. Still hoping to show Drew Michigan one day.
Cousin Katie - a.k.a Julianna's new BFF
The Newlyweds!
Uncle Curt and Aunt Pam

Jules was loving all of the family-time!

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