Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Papa Tom!!!

Today is Papa Tom's birthday! We are SO thankful for technology. We will be able to Skype with him later. I think being able to see Jules will be his best gift! She is definitely wrapped around Papa Tom's finger and we can't wait to see him in 9 short weeks!

Here are the top 10 reasons why we love Papa Tom:

1 - Lauren and I loved Tom from the moment we met him! He made our summers so much fun and created wonderful memories for us!

2 - He is one of the most fun people you will ever meet! Full of jokes and always having a good time no matter who he is with!

3 - He is BRILLIANT!! He has taught me so much in my life about history, culture, music and movies. If I was ever on a game show, Tom would be my life-line!

4 - He is one of the best guitar players on the planet! Seriously! Everyone who meets him tells him that. Now if only those Hollywood agents could catch a glimpse of him....

5 - He and Drew are like 2 peas in a pod. They adore each other and always have a great time together. Sometimes is seems like they are long lost brothers with as much as they have in common together. When we are all together Tom and Drew are usually off searching thrift stores for old vinyl while Mom and I are off shopping! :)

6 - He is completely in love with the girls. Completely. They love spending time with Papa Tom and he loves to spoil them in return!

7 - He can act like a big kid while around the girls. They can talk him into anything! Chin faces anyone?! :)

8 - No one would ever think he was....50!!! Does this man look like he is 50? I didn't think so!

9 - He is so in love with my mom. After 25 years together they are still madly in love and he is always doing special little things for her. Completely adorable.

10 - We get to see him in 9 weeks and he is going to DISNEYLAND WITH US!!!!! Can't wait!

We love you Papa Tom!
Happy Birthday!!!

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