Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Morning!

We were all very blessed on Christmas morning. Even though Drew and I set a limit he always manages to go a little overboard! He blessed me with a new robe, perfume, the new Wii Just Dance 2 game (or workout regimine), pj's, AND again the BEST GIFT EVER....a hotel room for a night! For use in the future - probably around the time of my next "i'm so overwhelmed and on the verge of insanity breakdown" - does my husband get me or what?!? Jules also blessed me with a massaging bath pillow. I LOVE it and use it every night!!

Drew was blessed with a new CD of a band he forgot he liked. But I remembered. I am cool like that. :) A movie we have looked forever for and I finally found online! New business cards for our business. An awesome money clip with a picture of the girls on it, and a couple of other little things. Little did he know, his big gift was coming later that night. Hmm, that sounds a little risque, but you will see what I mean later! :)

And sorry there are no pics of Drew and I on Christmas morning. Let's just say, at that hour we only have faces a husband or wife could love! :) Hope you enjoy the pics of our adorable offspring though!

Jules would have been content with just her Santa gifts and her stocking. But mom and dad always go a little overboard.....and so does Grandma Li li and Grandpa Tom!
Hmm, I think Natalie might have been quickly replaced...

We were able to Skype with my mom and she was able to watch Jules open all of the gifts they got her! It was awesome to be able to do that! LOVE technology!
A Zhu Zhu Princess Pet! Pink Tutu included!
Ohhhh...a new iXL - the 4 year olds version of a DS. But with games that are educational!
Um, yeah. It's easy to make your Christmas budget go a long way when you shop for a 4-year old!
All dressed and ready to go for Grandma and Grandpa Howards. Natalie was once again the favorite! :)

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