Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Morning with Mary

On Sunday morning we celebrated our Christmas with Mary! She and Jules had a great time giving each other their gifts and Drew loved watching them open the gifts he picked out special for each of them.

Mary's Stocking

Once again we Skyped with my mom and she watched Mary open all of her gifts!

Jules couldn't get enough of her new camera. We finally had to put it away so she could save it for Disneyland! :)
Mary loved her new watch from Jules

And Jules loved her Happily Everafter scrapbook from Mary. Mary even wrote the story that went along with the book. Drew and I both teared up as she read it to her.

She also loved the new dance clothes!

Again with the camera! (just like her mama)

Jules' gift from her dad. Her very own gumball machine. If you know her, you know she asks for a gumball each time we leave a store. Now she has her own and Mommy and Daddy can save their quarters!
Mary LOVED her Steelers sweatshirt. It has been on her wishlist for the past 3 years! And dad finally found the perfect one!
New personalized purse
And lots of other goodies. Mainly gift cards and girlie stuff. What teenager doesn't want to do a little shopping of her own!! :)

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