Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Eve!

We spent the day getting the house cleaned and ready for Santa! Mary spent the night with her mom - their turn for Christmas morning with Mary. So Drew, Jules and I hit the store to get groceries for the next few days and started getting things ready for Santa's visit.

First we started with our Reindeer food mix. This year we changed it up a bit (it may be because mommy forgot to buy glitter, but we rolled with it) and mixed cinnamon oatmeal with red and clear candy sprinkles and red hots. It smelled delish and was gone by morning. So Santa's reindeers must have LOVED it! :)

After that it was present time! Well a couple anyway. We had a tradition growing up that we got to open 1 present on Chrsitmas Eve. We would painstakingly look at every gift for days leading up to Christmas Eve trying to decide which one to open. You didn't want it to be the big gift (you always saved that one for Christmas Day) but you didn't want it to be something small either. You wanted it to be that one perfect Christmas Eve gift! :) This year we made it easy for Jules. I already had planned what gifts I wanted her to open!

I found a great deal on this doll that looks like Jules and comes with outfits that will match outfits in Jules' size. Not quite an American Girl doll, but seriously, what 4 year old needs a $125 doll? She LOVED this one!
And was even happier when she saw they could wear matching p.j.'s that night! (Drew was quick to throw them in the washer - he is always paranoid about new clothes.)

Her latest favorite word.

Already in love!
Oh wait. There's more! Matching dresses for Christmas day!

After that it was bathtime and time to make cookies!!! This is her special tradition that she does with just daddy every year. Mommy is usually hidden away in the bedroom wrapping stocking stuffers! :)

She made them all herself and even added candy to one. :)
Now, to work on that letter to Santa.
Natalie (as she was so quickly named) had to help too!

Jules wrote this all out by herself. She changed out crayons with each letter and proudly declared "look momma, it's a pattern" I LOVE this kid!

Oops! Forgot about the inside!
She wroter her name and drew a lovely Christmas tree and a picture of Santa himself. I believe he was most impressed!

After that it was time for Jules and Natalie to head to bed!!
All snuggled in and ready for visions of sugar-plums to dance in their heads!! :)

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