Monday, December 13, 2010

Black Friday!

Mary and I hit the ground running on Friday morning! Well not until 7:00 a.m. - we aren't THAT crazy. :)

We adopted a family from the school where I work this year and Mary went with me to find some good deals for the 2 girls we have adopted. What a great time we had! She was all about finding fun things for the girls and making sure they had a great Christmas! Mary is one of the most un-selfish people you would ever meet. She would much rather give to others than herself, which is pretty rare in a teenager. It makes me tear up just thinking about what a special, tenderhearted girl she is.

Plus she LOVED seeing the deals we were able to get with all of the coupons I had been saving and stacking those with the Black Friday deals. For one of the girls we were able to get an $84.00 ourfit for $1.51!!! I am not even joking. It was on clearance, the clearance price was an additional 50% off and then we had a $10.00 coupon for each piece. Making the skirt 52 cents and the top 99 cents! Mary couldn't believe the deal!!!

We also went to Walgreens where we stacked coupons and Jingle cash to score all of this for less than $20.00. When we added it all up, we think there was over $300.00 worth of stuff! There is another Barbie set and Barbie car, but I had to hide those right away as they were for Jules. Those 4 things alone were $60.00 and I ended up getting them all for basically free with a sale they had going on (50% off all toys) and Walgreens Jingle Cash!

Here is everything we scored:

~2 Barbie Cars

~2 Barbie Living Rooms sets

~3 Zhu zhu Pets

~3 bottles of soda

~1 8x10 Collage

~12 boxes of theatre candy (great stocking stuffer and movie night items!)

~2 bottles of Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice

~2 bottles of Nivea Shave Cream

~1 set of mens razors

~1 set of womans razors

~2 things of Mens Face Wash

~2 pkgs of Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes (my holiday weakness)

~4 packages of batteries

~4 packages of hairbands

~2 tubes of Crest Whitening Toothpaste

~2 Things of Dial for Men Body Wash

~2 pkgs of Silly Bands


~Secret Body Spray



~1 Color your own Backpack


~1 Body Tattoo and Body Art set!

WHEW!!! Lots of good stuff for very little! Love it!

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