Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween Weekend! On Friday we made a quick stop to see Grandpa Bush and then headed off the the Giant Haystack in Pleasant Hill. It was a lot of fun. They line the kids up against the fence and when they blow a horn, the kids run into the haystack and find a ball with a number on it. The number determines what kind of prize you get. Jules was a little scared of all of the kids and parents, so good ol' mom dived right into the haystack for her and pulled out a ball! Her prize for all of my hard work and hay covered clothes - a VERY small monster toy. But she loves it and has told EVERYONE about me diving into the hay just for her. So I guess it was worth it. :)

Our little Rock Star!

Mary - our Roman Diva!

Grandpa Bush acting silly!

Jules - so proud of her big numbered ball!

On Saturday night we decided to trick-or-treat with Mariah, Keaton and Fletcher in Mariah's parents neighborhood. The posh part of Beaverdale. The girls scored well and it we had a great time.

Jules had a blast! This was her first time really trick-or-treating from door to door and I have to admit I teared up a few times watching her run from house to house. It was one of those moments that I pictured in my head growing up of how Halloween would be once I had kids and here it was happening before my eyes.

The girls had so much fun and Jules could have lasted all night if it wasn't for 2 boys in super scary masks. They scared the you know what out of her at one house and that was it, she was done for the night. I walked her back to the house and the whole way she was crying "Never, ever again - I will never trick-or-treat again." :( I was so upset. It was such a perfect night and it had to be ruined by those boys. I think they should ban scary masks until 9:00 p.m. - Seriously. There were so many little kids out and about in that neighborhood and Jules wasn't the only one they were scaring. But all in all it was a great night and Jules was fine after being spoiled by Mariah's mom and eating her meatloaf and homemade bread and dressing! :) :)

Jules and Keaton - bet you didn't know Batgirl's best friend was a Rock Star?!? Fletcher was the cutest Batman I had ever seen!
Getting ready to hit the pavement!

Lots of different goodies. Jules couldn't believe she also got Cheetos!! :)
After about 2 houses, she wasn't shy anymore. Told her joke to everyone and skipped along her merry way to the next house. So cute!

And this is where she got scared. I was snapping her picture and then saw her face and looked to see what she was looking at. We were pretty much done after that.

Hope everyone else had a great and safe Halloween! Now....on to Turkey Time!!!! :)

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