Wednesday, October 6, 2010

3 birthdays and playing catch-up!

Sorry I haven't updated sooner. I lost my camera cord and was just able to find it this morning. Oh, and have been S.I.C.K.!! Started last week with a head cold and turned into a sinus infection, double ear infection and strep throat. Not fun!

But I had plenty of fun the weekend before. The end of September is a busy time for our family. We have 3 brithdays within 4 days of each other! Courtney's 24th birthday was Friday September 24th. Sue's 51st birthday was Saturday the 25th and Mary's 13th birthday was Monday the 27th! Whew! We brought everyone together to celebrate on Saturday the 25th by eating some amazing homemade enchiladas and watching the Iowa game! It was a great time and so nice to be together as a family. Though we did wish Lauren and Cody were there to celebrate with us! :)

All of the birthday girls!!

Dad's usual stance at any family event! :)

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mrsmarkdave said...

Well, after I caught my breath from losing it after reading that Courtney is 24 and Sue is 51, I DIED Laughing at your dad's "Usual stance at a family event". Mainly because our dads have something in common.