Tuesday, August 24, 2010

State Fair Time!

Last week we took a few hours and went to the Fair. Now let me tell you it is possible to go, enjoy a few things and NOT spenda fortune! We received free tickets AND a parking pass, so that helped. We saw all of the things that each of us wanted to see, we each got a treat of our choice and only ended up spending $17.00!!! That's right! In years past I have had a budget of at least $100 for the Fair. Not this year. We did it cheap and made it fun. Drew even said - this was one of the best years of going to the Fair.

All Jules has talked about for the past year was being able to do Little Hands on the Farm again. So we headed there first. Mary was a good sport and joined in on the fun with her sister.

Mary did Jules' hair for the Fair. For some reason Jules always wants to strike a pose for the camera. This kid cracks me up sometimes!

Notice my trim and svelte hubby behind Jules? Mmmm hmmm.

Getting ready to sell their goods.
Getting paid for everything they 'sold'
FREE Bomb Pops for the girls. Perfect treat for a hot day!

After that we headed over to see all of the (stinky) baby animals. The girls loved the baby pigs. Drew and I however did not love the stench - woowee. It was bad. I especially loved all of the videos of the babies being born that they were playing for all to see. Let's just say Jules was grossed out and full of questions afterwards!

And yes she ate the whole thing. Mary and Drew also got a frozen Snickers from the General Store - Total $4.00!
My pumpkins with a pumpkin.
The highlight for both girls was being able to touch a real cow. Jules kept wanting to go back and do it again!

Until next year!

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