Friday, August 6, 2010

Julianna's 4th Birthday Party with Friends!

Jules has been one lucky girl this summer. She had her family birthday party in June and then had her friend birthday party this past Saturday. We wanted to wait until we were in our new townhome and had it settled before we had her party.

What fun it was! The theme this year was a "tea party". Jules picked it out back in March and my mom and I have had lots of fun ideas ever since!

I have to say the party turned out beautifully! My mom wasn't able to be here this year, so she made sure each girl was spoiled and had plenty of goodies!

I think this pictures speak for themselves. It was absolutely the best kids party ever! At least that is what all of the other mom's said! :)

Mmm Hmm that's right a tea party outfit for every girl. Thanks Grandma!

The birthday girl all ready to greet her guests!
Jules and Shravani
Jules and Anna
Jules and Maddie
Jules and Genevieve
The girls all dressed up for the party!

Could Vivi be any more adorable!?!

The hostess with the mostest, ready to serve her guests!
Tea Time!

It was a beautiful day and wonderful party! Thank you to all that came and to all that helped with everything. We love you all!

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