Thursday, August 12, 2010

Here Come the Judge

On Monday Drew was asked to Judge for the food competition at the Iowa State Fair. He judged the appetizer category for entrants who made something using either Bisignano Salad Dressing or Bisignano BBQ Sauce.

I had Monday off, so I was able to go with to watch him in action.
It was fun and neat to see all of the winners faces (we watched a few other categories, before Drew did his judging). This one woman (had to be in her 80's) took 1st place in her category for cakes. She said it was the first time she had ever entered after years of people telling her she should enter her angel food cake recipe. She was tearing up when she won. Then a little later they gave the Blue Ribbon for the Best Overall Cake for every category and she won that too. By that time she really broke down. It was so sweet to see and I have to admit it made me tear up too. It was just about the sweetest thing (no pun intended) :) I loved watching the whole process and I hope Drew is asked back again next year to be a judge! It took me back to when Courtney and Morgan would enter food in the competitions (and win) every year. I think we will really look into Mary doing it next year.

Jules came with us (she had a rough night at Grandma and Grandpa's and we decided to pick her up early.) She was SOOOO proud of her dad being up there as a judge. She kept whispering to him "Hey daddy!" and then giving him a thumbs up. It was too cute. The people around us thought she was just about the most adorable thing ever. This one older lady asked if she could take her home. Jules also took all of the pictures of her daddy. She couldn't contain her excitement in being there. It was one of those great memory moments with her.

Discussing who should win....
...Drew announcing the winner! It was a dish made with turkey wrapped in bacon and BBQ sauce. Sounds good to me!

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