Friday, June 4, 2010

Lauren & Cody & A Wedding Shower

So...2 weeks ago Lauren emails me to tell me that her and Cody are able to come back to Iowa for one weekend and one weekend only before the wedding. It was going to be a mad dash of a trip. Trying to squeeze in meet and greets with all family and friends. Oh yeah, and a Bridal Shower! Woo! It was a whirlwind trying to get everything ready, but Sue and I did it and I think it turned out great! It was a fun way to spend a morning and for everyone to witness Cody and Lauren's love.

And can I just say that we all L.O.V.E. Cody! Such a gentleman and seriously one of the nicest people I have ever met. They are so in love with each other. It makes me SO happy to see Lauren SO happy!

We love you guys and can't wait for the wedding in October!!

Jules was the best helper that morning!
The girls are already in love with Uncle Cody!

Had to show off a pic of baby Reagan. Oh my gosh, she is so sweet! So glad her and her mommy could come!

Mmm hmm, Jules could have held her all morning. And of course the begging for her own baby sis started right after the shower. :) And how sweet is Genevieve. Who will have her own little baby sister or brother in a couple of weeks!

We missed you Morgan!

All of the girls!

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