Friday, June 4, 2010

Julianna's Last Day of Pre-School!

Yesterday was Julianna's LAST day of Pre-school! Remember the tears and fears from her first day?! Well yesterday it was lots of giggles and fun! Jules had a great year and has grown so much. Finding this school was such a blessing for her and for Drew and I. We will miss Cowles next year, but know that Jules will continue to thrive and grow at Grandview Park Baptist next year!!!

BIG Girl!

Jules and her favorite Pax Place teacher - Ms. Jeanine. This woman LOVED Jules and I always felt good leaving her in Ms. Jeanine's hands!

And as a special treat - Ms. Anna was still there when I went to pick up Jules! They wanted to wear their matching outfits for Julianna's last day of school. Could they be any cuter?!

One last run on the peace walk path.

Good-Bye Cowles. Thank you for a GREAT year!

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