Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Julianna!

We have been celebrating Julianna's birthday ALL week in our household! Monday we went to Adventureland for the day. What fun it was! And she wasn't shy AT ALL about getting on the rides. She was a real trooper. Mary was wonderful too. She rode every ride with Julianna and was by her side all day. Such a great big sis! That day holds one of my best memories so far as a mom.

Havin' a blast on her first tea-cup ride!

She was lauging at how wet her daddy got!

Can you tell Mary loves Julianna? I mean what other sister would ride all the little rides with their little sis?!

Mary got in her fair share of rides too. Ones that I was too scared to go on!

Julsie's favorite ride by far was the Frog Hopper. The kids version of the Space Shot. She rode that thing 10 times! The first time with Mary and the other 9 by.herself.!! Such a big girl. The joy and happiness on her face, makes my heart smile.

On Wednesday (her actual birthday), she opened presents and got to go to wherever she wanted for lunch, then made a quick trip to Toys R Us. After a quick nap we went to dinner at Chuck's so we could see Drew and try some of his delicious food. The food was amazing and the staff treated Jules like royalty!
Her family party will be tomorrow and we are saving her friend party for next month after we are moved into our new townhouse. Lots of celebrations for such a wonderful little 4-year old!

Jules REALLY wanted the mini-van that goes with her Dollhouse she received for Christmas. This shot captured her little face when she saw what her gift was!! :)

Gotta love it when you get the gift you want! And parents gotta love when your child wants a gift that is reasonable priced! :)

Of course I always have to get her new clothes!

Two beauties all dressed for dinner!

Our big 4-year old!

Happy 4th Birthday Julianna! We love you so much big girl!!!

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