Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jules the Babysitter

On Saturday night we have the privilege of watching my friend (and fellow blogger) Maggie's little girl Molly!

Well, Jules actually had the privilege. Saturday morning Julianna asked:

"Now, mom Molly is coming over because I am the one who is going to watch her - right?"

"Yes, Jules you are watching her and we will just all be there to help if you need it." :)

But she wasn't joking, she wanted to do EVERYTHING for Molly. And while she was just a little overbearing, she had a blast helping Molly with eating, getting changed, going for a walk, changing into pj's and feeding her her nighttime bottle . She was SO disappointed when we had to put her to bed and even more disappointed in the morning when she woke up and Molly was gone.

It was a great night and we all just fell in love with Miss Molly!
As is custom with every child that meets Drew - Molly fell in love with him and wanted him to hold her most of the night. Too cute!

Jules was is HEAVEN with a baby in the house! Mary was so good - letting Jules have her time with Molly, but she got in a few snuggles too!
How adorable is this?!

Thanks Maggie! We can't wait to watch the babe again sometime!

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Maggie said...

Thank YOU! It was such a blessing to know that she was safe and being so well taken care of by Julianna. :-)