Friday, April 23, 2010

The battle

O.k. blog followers, I slacked a little this week with my diet. I was doing so great on Monday and Tuesday and then Wednesday came. Wednesday was Administrative Professionals Day. I came in to flowers on my desk (so nice), some other beautiful gifts and some chocolate. That was my downfall. Now, I don't even like chocolate, but I gave in and I think I ate 4 pieces before lunch. Then someone wanted to treat me to lunch at Palazzo's. So I had a chicken salad sandwich. Then for dinner Drew wanted to take us to Cracker Barrel. I ordered off of the low carb menu, but that doesn't do any good when you get steak fries as a side. Not too impressed with myself, but yesterday was a new day. Healthy breakfast, Subway for lunch and a sensible dinner.

So there you have it - holding myself accountable, though I am not necessarily proud of this week, I am still doing with out pop and down 12.5 pounds!!!


mrsmarkdave said...

I have learned that you absolutely can't beat yourself up when you fail. Just learn from it.
I messed up royally yesterday, but nothing I can do about it now. So, I just started fresh today and sounds like that's what you did yesterday.
Great job on the 12.5 lbs.
Look forward - not behind :-)

Mrs. W said...

Everyone deserves a cheat day! You're doing great- keep it up! :)