Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break Fun!

We had a GREAT week with Mom and Tom! We picked them up on Friday the 12th. I was ever so lucky to have the day off thanks to working until 8:00 on Wed. and Thurs nights for conferences.

Friday we went to lunch and ran a few errands, then took them to their hotel and ordered Tasty Tacos for dinner. One of their faves!

On Saturday Jules and I got up early to meet AUNT LA LA at th airport. They were so excited to see each other.

We spent the day shopping, lunch at Red Lobster and just hanging out. The girls went swimming with Grandpa Tom in new swim suits bought by Grandma Lili!

Sunday started out kind of chaotic. I had set my alarm for church and it went off right at 6:20. Well lo' and behold my cell phone aka my alarm clock never turned over for daylights savings time. So we literally had 20 minutes to get ready for church. My mom came right over to just stay with the girls and Drew and I were showered, dressed and out the door by 7:50 and made it to church on time! We started going to a new church a couple of weeks ago and just love it! I will post about that later. Anyway, after church we met them at their hotel and went to the Machine Shed for breakfast. We did some running around and that night they headed to my Aunt Netty's house. We stayed home with the girls and didn't do much as Julianna was starting to get sick.

On Monday morning we woke up to Julianna getting sick. I called the Dr. and got her in for an afternoon appt. We made a quick run to Costco and then headed to the appt. Julianna's asthma was getting worse throughout the day and our Dr. informed us that chlorine is a trigger in some kids and will greatly affect their asthma. more swimming. :( I think I was more upset than she was. We explained everything to her and she was fine with it. Bless her heart. She is such a big girl! Mom and Tom felt so bad for her, but once they saw she was fine with it, they were fine with it too. That night we took Mary on a shopping spree and my mom bought her a whole new wardrobe. Mary will be looking every so stylish in the weeks to come! Then for dinner we had to hit one of Lauren's favorite places to eat - El Rodeo on Douglas. It was delicious as usual and Lauren got her Chicken Chimichanga fix! :)

On Tuesday my mom surprised the girls with an impromptu Birtday Party! I had called Julianna's best friend Anna and her mom and they joined us at Chuck E. Cheese for lunch and games! Everyone even brought gifts for the girls. It was so much fun. I just adore Julianna's best friend Anna and her Mom Martha. Such wonderful people. Anna got Julianna a Microscope that we will put to good use AND and an outfit that matched Anna's. So of course we had to go and change Julianna out of her current outfit into the one that would match Anna. The girls couldn't have looked any cuter!! After that my mom (who felt so bad that Julianna couldn't swim for the rest of the week) took the girls to Build A Bear @ Jordan Creek. Anna and her mom joined us. The girls had a blast picking out a new friend and a couple of accessories. After that we said good-bye to Anna, headed to Claires for some accessories for us and then headed home to get ready for dinner at Johnny's Italian Steakhouse (can you tell that we ate GOOD the whole week they were here!?!?). We all had dinner with my Grandpa (mom's dad) and my aunt. It was a nice night.

On Wednesday we hung around the hotel. The girls played in the game room and I ordered new cell phones for Drew and I. If you need our new phone #, leave a comment and I will get that to you! Then we all headed for the airport to take Aunt La La back. :( It was a sad day. Jules really struggled with saying good-bye to her. We took the girls to lunch after that and hit a Hollywood Video sale. Did you know that they are going out of business? Well they are having some steals on DVD's and Blu Rays right now! Mom and Tom bought the entire first season of Castle - a show about a murder mystery writer who begins helping the NYPD with some of their murders. So, we headed to Sam's Club to pick up some groceries for the rest of the week and settled in at home to watch Castle. The show is amazing and Drew and I are totally addicted now!

On Thursday I headed back to work. I came in only to be told that I had to leave by noon because they were waxing our floors in front of the office and we needed to be out of there before they started. Oh sheesh, twist my arm to leave early on a bright sunny day. :) It was great, I met Mom, Tom, Jules, my Grandpa Tonsi and his friend Johnny for lunch then we went and looked at flooring with Mom and Tom, hit a couple of thrift stores and then we just lounged all night (and watched more Castle).

On Friday I worked the whole day. Mom and Tom spent the whole day with Jules. She had a blast and is totally in love with Grandpa Tom. I met them after work and they decided to take Julianna with them to my Aunt Ginny's for dinner, so Drew and I could have an evening alone. Some things have changed on the job front for Drew and we needed to discuss where those changes were going to take us. We had a nice night just the two of us and Jules had a great time at Aunt Ginny's and just LOVED cousin Robbie's Bruschetta!

On Saturday we hung out at the hotel for a while and then went to lunch and then headed out to do some shopping. Drew and Tom hit a flea market, while Mom, Jules and I hit the stores. Mom purchased Julianna an entire summer wardrobe. Jules was in heaven picking things out and watching my mom put them in the cart saying "oh yes, you must have that". It was a lot of fun. That night Drew made his famous chili for Mom and Tom and we just vegged out all night and hung around. We were all pretty somber knowing that the next day would be our last day together. :(

On Sunday we headed over to the hotel to help pack everything up. Then went to Office Max/Fed Ex to mail out two packages for Mom and Tom. They purchased quite a bit while they were here! Then we took them to lunch at Great China. After that we spent an hour or so at the house where they loved up on Julianna before heading to the airport. It was so sad to see them go. Harder than it has ever been. I don't know if it is because Julianna is getting so big, or if it is because I am so close with my Mom, but it was hard for me to see them go. I know we will see each other again soon, but we all wish we lived closer. Though after that lovely snow storm we got last Friday, I am pretty sure we will never get them back here in Iowa!

We had a WONDERFUL time with everyone and it was nice to have a couple of days off last week. This week we are back to the norm...well somewhat. I will create a new post about Drew' s job in a few days. Let's just say, it has been a whirlwind of a week!

Enjoy some of the pics of our week!

Lunch at Okoboji Grill right after we picked Mom & Tom up at the airport

Breakfast at the Shed
Papa Tom Jules and Anna having a blast at Check E. Cheese

Don't you LOVE their matching outfits?!

Mary got a fashion designer kit that she has wanted for about 2 years....thanks Mom!

The girls at Build A Bear

Meet Molly and Molly Brown Sugar. Mary's bunny "blossom" is missing from the picture.

Saying goodbye to Aunt La La at the airport...:(

I have more pics that I will post later. For some reason they didn't download to my memory card like I thought they did!
Love you and Miss you Mom & Tom!

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