Friday, February 26, 2010

Rough Week

I have been has been a rough week in the Stinson household to say the least. It started with me not feeling too well last week, then an ER visit for Jules, then a momma taking such good care of her babe, that she forgot to take care of herself and ended up in Urgent Care last Sunday. The Dr. told me that it was an upper respiratory infection and I better take it easy for 3 days, or it may turn to pneumonia. Easier said than done....or so I thought.

I called into work on Monday because I could barely get out of bed. I told my boss what was going on, but that I would rest for the day and be back on Tuesday. She called me back 2 hours later and told me that they had found a sub for me and to stay home until Wednesday and then see how I felt! She wanted me to rest and feel better before coming back to work. Seriously, I have never had a boss that cared so much about my well-being. I am just so thankful for my current positive working environment! Thank goodness I stayed home. Tuesday was the worst day. I barely made it out of bed to take Jules to school. When I came home I just crashed for almost 8 hours. Thankfully Drew was so good about picking Julianna up from school each day and then making dinner for me and letting me rest at night. On Wednesday we had Julianna's follow-up appt. from her ER visit. I also made an appt. to be seen - thankfully it wasn't pneumonia, but I wasn't getting any better either. So she put me on an anti-biotic and I am hoping I will feel more like myself again by this weekend!!

Now about Jules - last Wednesday night she woke up saying that her heart was "beeping" I asked her if she meant "beating" and she said no it was beeping - she could hear it in her ears. Drew and I felt her chest and her heart was just racing. This was one of those parenting moments where we had to decide if we were over reacting, or not reacting enough. Do we go to the ER, or let her calm down and see if her heart rate slows down. She ended up falling back asleep and seemed to be o.k. The next morning she was better, but we were still concerned. She wanted to go to school, so we sent her, but Drew called around 1:30 and her teacher said she had just woken up from a nap, but seemed really tired and lethargic throughout the day. I called the Dr. and she said to just take her right to the ER. Are we ever glad we did.

The ER was short-staffed that day and filling in for 2 hours (the 2 hours we were there) was a Pediatric Pulmonologist. He said he felt like he was put there to see Julianna that day! His exact words were - "I don't know if you believe in God, but this is a God thing!" He was really thorough and looked over Julianna and then just sat there and talked to Drew and I. Wanted to know her history and what she has been through during her 3 years of life! We started from the beginning with all of her breathing issues. He then told us that her being on steroids for as many times as she has been on them over the past year was too much and that the rapid heart rate the night before was from her nebulizer (albuterol) treatments. She is taking them too frequently (we were told by our Family Dr. that every 3-4 hours was fine - it is not). He wanted us to meet with our Family Dr. and then get a referral to see him. He would like to go over everything in more detail when we meet with him and look into starting Julianna on a daily treatment (non-albuterol) through her nebulizer that will keep her breathing more evened out. We won't be so up and down with her episodes. It seems like every 5 weeks she gets really sick and weak. We are hoping after meeting with him we can get on a treatment plan that will just make life better for her!

So I am am SO thankful we took her in. Plus she had an ear infection, so she was able to get on meds for that. She has had a great week and has been feeling so much better since we took her in. At the Dr. appt on Wednesday our family Dr. said she looks good and her lungs sound better, and she gave us the referral to the Pulmonologist. Hopefully we will have our appt. with him soon and will be on the road to a better and healthier Julianna!

Our plan this weekend is to lie low and get lots of rest. I need to be better and at 100% again because two weeks from today my Mom and Step-Dad will be here!! Last weeks health scare with Jules made them realize how much they miss the babe and how they couldn't wait a moment longer to see her. So my Mom called me that night to say that they bought tickets and will be here the week of Spring Break! It will be so great to see them and to spend all of that time with them. We can't wait!!!

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Lauren said...

You forgot to mention that I'll be home as well.... that's ok. I forgive you! Lol! Can't wait to see everyone!