Friday, February 5, 2010

10 Things that make me smile today

1 - Let's start with the obvious - IT'S FRIDAY!!

2 - It's FAMILY GAME NIGHT!! Tonight we have about 25 people coming to our house for this month's family game night. Drew is making his usual amazing chili and trying a new recipe for Pork Verde Chili. I am trying my hand at some gourmet popcorn. It will be another great night filled with lots and laughter and fun!

3 - Tomorrow we are relaxing during the day (because the house is already clean, thanks to Drew - see below) and watching movies with Jules.

4 - Tomorrow night my beautiful sister Courtney will be singing the National Anthem at the Iowa Energy Game. I am so excited to see her sing since I wasn't able to see her when she sang for the Iowa Cubs. :)

5 - Tomorrow is my bestie's birthday! After I see Courtney sing, I will head over to Centro for dinner with Rochelle and some other lovely ladies. Mama is excited for a night out!

6 - Yesterday morning my gorgeous husband said this to me "Babe why don't I bring home dinner from Johnny's tonight and when we are done eating you can lie down for the rest of the night and I will take care of cleaning the house for family game night tomorrow". And he did. The house looks great and I got some much needed rest last night. I have been having diificulty sleeping and it all caught up with me. I love that I have a husband who sees my needs and takes care of them! This makes me smile, because the ladies I work with are jealous of me today. What can I say I take care of my man and he takes care of me. Love it!

7 - I have lost 6 pounds. :) Limiting my pop intake and watching my calories has really started to pay off. Who knew :)

8 - 7 years ago this weekend Drew told me he loved me for the first time...and he has been telling me everyday since. I am such a blessed woman.

9 - Sunday we are trying a new church. I am excited.

10 - Julianna had herself dressed and ready to go this morning by the time I was done drying my hair. I love that kid. She makes me smile every minute of everyday!

Happy weekend folks! Stay warm and out of the ditches! :)


The Lynam's said...

CONGRATS on #7!! Why didn't you share this amazing news with me in PERSON today?!?!!!!?!? Hope you have a great weekend!

Truders said...

What a great hubby you have!! So nice when they offer to do things for us. I love reading your blog!!

Anonymous said...
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