Monday, January 18, 2010

Family Christmas with Mary

After our Christmas morning with Mary we took her to her mom's house, so she was not able to spend time with my family. We also had to cancel our Christmas with Drew's dad and Diane because Bob got sick. So we had an impromptu Christmas Dinner/Celebration on Saturday night.
It was nice. Everyone was able to give Mary their gifts and she was able to give everyone the gifts she purchased for them. And who doesn't love a night of pizza, sweets, gifts and family time!

Mr. Stinson and Mr. Stinson

Jules always thinks everyone needs her help unwrapping their gifts. :)

Too bad she didn't get to wear this for very long this season....
Gotta love a good movie basket filled with goodies and James Bond movies!
Drew's step-mom Diane. Loved her new earrings!

Think she likes pink!?!
Oh look Jules has changed clothes. Imagine that - a new outfit MUST be broken in as soon as she gets it. Her philosophy - not mine.
I just think this pic is hilarious. What can I say - our family is a family of total goofballs!

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