Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas Morning

Sheesh, I can't believe i am so behind on getting these posted. Life is just crazy busy!

Drew and I woke up to Julianna saying "Look there is a house out there! Do you think Santa left it for me?!?".....of course he did!

Success! Jules loved it and she is still playing with it, so that must be a good sign!

Showing off her other presents from Santa - Plush Disney Princess dolls. They are completely adorable.

I am loving their hair in this pic! I remember having Christmas morning pics like this when I was a kid- hair all over the place, a happy smile on my face and wrapping paper all around! Good times...good times.

I think she was excited about getting soap. :)

This year for Mary we gave her a "Girls Day Out"
Inside the box was a new purse, inside the new purse was a wallet filled with $$, gift cards and a hotel room key. The idea was Mary and I would check into a hotel room and have the evening together being girly and then spend the next day together shopping it up and spending our Christmas money and gift cards. It is hard to shop for a 12 year old and I am happy to say that this gift was a huge success with her. So much so that she asked for it again next year!!

She also received a new outfit and shoes for her day of shopping!!

And last but not least, when I went to open my last gift, the smell coming from it was wonderful. Smelled like my favorite childhood candy - Watermelon Laffy Taffy. I was intrigued. When I went to open the box, I saw that it was filled with the taffy. Delish! That by itself was a great gift, but nestled in the middle of the taffy was a white box. In that box was this beautiful necklace from Drew. I LOVE it! Totally surprised me and brought me to tears! I am just so lucky to have him for a husband. Does he know me or what - sweets and jewelry are the "key" to this girls heart!!

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